Our Tour Packages

  "Leh - Ladakh 18/8, Chardham 20/09, Kumayoon 20/10, Madhya Pradesh 31/10, Gujarat 18/11, Arunachal Pradesh 25/11, Kerala 18/12, Nepal 18/12, Kashmir 22/12/2023 " !! প্রবীণ** নাগরিক** ও **শিশুদের** সমস্ত** রকম** সুপরিষেবা **দেয়াই** আমাদের** অন্যতম** **চিন্তা** ধারা !! 

Welcome to Banerjee Tour Special

Banerjee Tour Special was established by the famous Banerjee Family. Now it is going to be 60 years old.  

Banerjee Tour Special was always acted as a pioneer in the development of tourism and was always eager to cater to all the needs of tourists in the related field.

People of West Bengal in particular liked us because each itinerary is exciting with some surprise to offer in each and every package tour. Tourist came back to us again and again with their unforgettable memories whether to take a dip in the sea or unlimited beauty in the form of green valleys and sleepy meadows, surrounded by the breathtaking splendorous of Himalayan peaks or any elegant ambience Banerjee Tour Special is always a friend of yours in a world of your own with a cool privacy surrounding you.